Steps to follow in formulating diets

1. On the home page, click the “Create Diet” icon.

2. On the Create Diet page,

a. Type in the ingredients you wish to use in formulating the diet; type the available quantity of each ingredient in the space provided.

i. Alternatively you can select ingredients from the library and then type in the available quantity of each.

b. Enter the total quantity of diet you wish to formulate.

c. Select the type of measurement you are using (kg or g)

d. Select the bird class i.e. grower or layer

e. Click “Create Diet Mix”

3. The result page shows a table presenting the outcome of the formulation and a summary of the nutrient content of the formulated diet.

4. There are 5 icons at the top of the result page. They are: “SHOW SELECTED INGREDIENTS", “EXPORT TO EXCEL”, "CREATE NEW DIET", “SEE RESULT IN PIE CHART” and "EDIT SELECTED INGREDIENTS". Below are the uses of the icons:

a. Show Selected Ingredients: Use this icon to view the details of the ingredients you supplied to the App.

b. Export to Excel: Use this icon to export the formulation to a spreadsheet. This will require you to sign up using your phone number, a password and a maiden name.

c. Create New Diet: Tap this icon to formulate another ration; it will return you to a blank “Create Diet” page.

d. See the result in pie chart: Tap this icon to view the formulation in pie chart.

e. Edit Selected Ingredients: Use this icon to return to the Create Diet page containing entries you provided for the last formulation.