About ACGG

The African Chicken Genetic Gains (ACCG) is a research for development (R4D) project led by the International Livestock Research Institute in three countries: Ethiopia, Tanzania & Nigeria. ACGG aims to enhance the food security and livelihoods of rural and peri-urban farming communities. This will be achieved through a transformational, comprehensive and system-wide approach to the improvement of village poultry production systems at a scale that has the potential to impact millions of the poorest of the poor in the three partner countries. In Nigeria, the project is coordinated by the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Ile-Ife, Osun State. The vision of ACGG-NG is to "transform smallholder chicken production into commercially viable enterprise with active private sector engagement that empowers rural women, increases income and nutrition of their family through delivery of more productive locally adaptable chicken, production inputs and services to rural communities"

About the App

This feed formulation App was developed by African Chicken Genetic Gains – Nigeria as a direct response to the challenges associated with smallholder poultry feeds and feeding in Nigeria. The App allows users (smallholder chicken producers) to formulate supplementary chicken diets using locally available (and unconventional) feed resources.

Operational considerations in the App

a) The App formulates diets for grower and layer birds only.

b) The App formulates for 50% of the nutrient requirements (particularly crude protein) of the birds, that is, 8% for growers and 8.5% for layers.

c) The user can choose only from 2 – 4 ingredients to make formulations.

d) The user must specify the ingredients available, the quantities of each ingredient, and the total (target) quantity of the diet to be formulated.

e) The App has a feed library in which ingredients are grouped as energy sources, protein sources (plant and animal), high fibre/by-products, and mineral sources.

f) A diet cannot be formulated when all ingredients available are protein sources.

g) If the available quantity of an ingredient cannot be sufficient for the target quantity, the App can suggest a new target quantity for which the available quantity of the ingredients will be sufficient.

Basic descriptions of icons on the home page

The home page of the app has 4 icons: “Account”, “Options”, “Library” and “Create Diet”. Below are brief descriptions of these icons:


This icon allows access to the App settings, notifications and sign in page.


This icon opens the main menu of the App from where you can navigate to “About”, “Help”, “Settings”, “Saved Activity”, “Login” and back “Home”.


This icon opens the “Ingredients Library” where you can see the class each ingredient belongs to as well as their nutrient composition. Please note that the logo at the top corner in the ingredients library navigates you back to homepage when clicked.

Create Diet

This icon takes you to the page where you can supply details about the ingredients you have and the type and quantity of diet you wish to formulate.